5 Tools To Manage Your Cloud Storage Accounts

Uploading all of your content to a cloud storage service is quite a commitment and it’s very easy to become attached to one purely because switching to another would be a pain. When it comes to cloud storage, I believe brand loyalty is overrated and maintaining multiple accounts across services means getting the best out of each one without becoming too attached. These 5 apps showcase how you can easily manage multiple drives and repositories across different service providers and, essentially, get all your cloud storage accounts to play nicely with each other.


1. MultCloud


Looking past the clunky English on the product landing page for a sec, it’s hard to not be impressed by MultCloud’s list of supported services. The tagline ‘Put multiple cloud drives into one‘ is simple and MultCloud lives up to the claim with an equally simple and effective product. With a single login you can easily transfer files between your various storage accounts using a familiar web-based file system interface.


2. Jolidrive

Screenshot 2014-07-30 11.40.17


Jolidrive is an attractive web-based file browser that allows you to connect all your cloud accounts and manage/edit your content in one place. The media player and image editing features are what make it really stand out from the pack and elevate Jolidrive from a simple file management tool into something rather elegant and most importantly, extremely useful.


3. Otixo

Screenshot 2014-07-30 11.48.17

A little more clinical-looking than the previous two, Otixo makes up for a lack of aesthetics with a wealth of features. The number of accounts you can connect is seemingly endless (some i’d never even heard of!) and the existence of mobile apps gives Otixo extra points for sure. Suggested for the more serious cloud user.


4. Mover

Screenshot 2014-07-30 11.54.08

Touting itself as tool for migration, Mover allows you to seamlessly transfer data from one provider to another. The single use-case means Mover perhaps isn’t a product that will become a part of your daily routine but for that moment when you really want to move from, say, Dropbox over to Google Drive it’s perfect. Very simple, often one-click processes make the whole thing a breeze.


5. Cloudkafé

Screenshot 2014-07-30 12.02.21

Cloudkafé is the more social-oriented of the 5 tools in this list. Bringing in Instagram, Facebook and YouTube content as well as the staples (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) means this is a lot more than a simple repository for files. Support for music and videos, contacts and even notes (from note-taking apps like Evernote) and a robust search feature are the standouts here.




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