10 Really Useful IFTTT Cloud Backup Recipes


If you’re not already aware of the incredibly useful automation service If This Then That (IFTTT.com) then, simply put, you’re missing out.

IFTTT is especially handy if you’re someone like me who uses multiple cloud storage products and wants nothing more than for them to play along nicely with one another. Below, I have put together a list of the 10 most useful recipes I’ve found that involve cloud storage services.


Facebook can almost be used as a cloud storage service itself, but it’s always nice to have a safely backed up copy of your photos accessible on your desktop.
IFTTT Recipe: Keep all the photos you upload to Facebook in one safe place connects facebook to dropbox



The ‘Check-in’ is nearing extinction. Telling your friends where you are seems to be going out of fashion (which is fine by me). However, one thing that checking-in is great for is keeping track of places I like so that when visitors come to town I have quick access to recommendations. Foursquare’s check-in history is fine but having a searchable spreadsheet is better.

IFTTT Recipe: Track Foursquare check-ins (w/ Maps) in a Google Drive Spreadsheet connects foursquare to google-drive


This one is a ‘break-in-case-of-emergency’ recipe. Or, it can be used when switching from iOS to Android (read our guide here). In any case, backing up your contacts is always a good idea.

IFTTT Recipe: Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet connects ios-contacts to google-drive



A no-brainer. The only downside is realizing that your photos don’t look as great full-screen on your desktop.

IFTTT Recipe: Save your Instagram photos to Dropbox connects instagram to dropbox




I use Dropbox for work and Google Drive at home (a slightly odd setup, I know). This recipe ensures that when I want to take work home with me all I need to do is drop it in a folder and it’s added to Google Drive.

IFTTT Recipe: Add files to Google Drive from Dropbox connects dropbox to google-drive



Box is great but for uploading photos from iOS it lacks behind (being a more business-oriented service this is understandable). This recipe solves that issue.

IFTTT Recipe: Upload all your iOS Photos to Box connects ios-photos to box



This one is a lot of fun. Your liked photos from Instagram as a screensaver on your Mac desktop.

IFTTT Recipe: shuffle your liked Instagram photos into a screensaver connects instagram to dropbox



Every time you go to a specified location a row is entered to a spreadsheet saved to Google Drive. This recipe has a multitude of applications, but I use it to track my Gym visits. I know, I know… I could just use one of the many activity logging apps out there. Again, I’m just a spreadsheet type of person.

IFTTT Recipe: Work log  connects android-location to google-drive


This one seems a little counter-intuitive but the main upside of using this recipe is being able to avoid Google Plus completely.

IFTTT Recipe: Backup my Android photos to Google Drive connects android-photos to google-drive


I save all my photos to Dropbox but I prefer viewing them on Flickr because the interface is much nicer. I don’t want to have 2 apps running on my Android constantly uploading photos. This recipe means I only need to have Dropbox running.

IFTTT Recipe: Upload to dropbox - push through to flickr connects dropbox to flickr


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