5 Must-Have Free Photo Apps for Android


Smartphone photography is finally reaching maturity. With mega-pixel counts reaching numbers similar to mid-range DLSRs it’s no wonder photos taken by smartphones now make up the majority of content on Flickr

Here’s a quick run down of my current favorite photo apps for Android.


1. Photo Editor by Aviary


I generally find editing photos on my Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) a cumbersome experience. Fine-tuning levels of various filters and effects is best suited to a much larger screen and there are very few apps that condense the workflow nicely to suit phone platforms.  Aviary is one app that gets it right. With as linear a navigation scheme as an app of such a huge feature-set allows, it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into crafting a great user experience. Pick a photo… adjust… save.. export… out.


2. MyRoll – Smart Photo Gallery


There are other apps out there that collate your photos and create ‘smart albums’ based on time, location, weather etc. This app is just that important few notches better than most. Most importantly, it doesn’t try to be too clever. MyRoll’s smart albums are simply called ‘Moments’ and are grouped by date so instead of getting nonsensical titles like ‘Saturday mid-afternoon in New York, New York, NY 10010’ I get ‘July 13, 2014’. Sharing is easy and the mosaic view UI is more pleasant than the uniform square grid seen in most similar photo apps.

3. Snapseed


Another easy-to-use editing app. Not quite the same level of intricacy as Aviary (neither does it have the whimsical stickers/props) but Snapseed makes the list for two reasons: 1) The use of swipe gestures is lots of fun to use and 2) The HDR filter. It’s seriously impressive.

Take your photo… Add HDR filter…Post to Instagram… Rake in the likes.

4. MyDigipack


If you’ve read our guide to saving space on your Android you’ll already be well aware of the backup and storage benefits of MyDigipack but another huge feature of the app is the compatibility with Samsung Smart TVs. Having all my photos instantly accessible on my TV is fantastic and it means I no longer need to mess around with connecting my Apple TV for when my iOS-using girlfriend wants to show me a photo and connecting a Chromecast for when I do. With MyDigipack we both have all our photos viewable on the big screen whenever we need them.

5. SquareIt


I’m a big fan of apps that are no more complicated than they need to be. This is the epitome of uni-tasker apps and for that reason it deserves a mention. I have to admit, I am one of those people who laugh in the face of the square confinements of Instagram and often post framed 16:9 photos (you can follow me @mattrobinsties). This app allows me to do so and nothing more. No gimmicks, no watermarks or superfluous features, it does one thing and it does it well.

Let us know in the comments what your favorites are.






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