5 Simple Steps to Save Space on your Android

You’re up at absurd-o’clock in the morning, you’ve hiked all the way to the top of a hill to get that perfect view of the sunset. Just as the dawn light hits the top of the city skyline you take out your phone to grab that perfect snap… and then it rears its ugly head:

“Insufficient storage available”

Screenshot 2014-07-09 10.34.52

This guy

We’ve all been there (Well, perhaps minus the early morning nature walks). Mobile camera technology advances at a rate of knots, yet when it comes to storage space (like battery-life), there are still aspects of mobile technology that lag behind.

Here’s where MyDigipack comes in. A lot of us read e-books on our Smartphones these days : It may take a couple of weeks to get through a whole book, yet It takes a split second to take a photo – and guess which takes up more space? Photos and videos occupy the lion’s share of the available storage space on our devices… but that doesn’t have to always be the case.

MyDigipack safely stores your photos and videos in the Cloud. (What’s the Cloud?… read this)

That means once a photo is uploaded to your MyDigipack account it’s not going anywhere – it’s always accessible, always viewable and always safe. But importantly, you’re not tied to having that photo stored on your device and can thus free up valuable space by deleting it from your camera roll.

Here’s how:

STEP 1. Download and install the MyDigipack Android app here

STEP 2. Launch the app, create a free account, then tap ‘Start’

Screenshot 2014-07-09 11.06.54

STEP 3. Wait until you see every photo you have currently stored on your device in the app


This may take a little while – depending on how many photos you have.

STEP 4. Navigate to your Camera Roll… and delete everything


Don’t worry – we’re aware this may seem daunting… but just remember, everything you see in the app is safely stored in the Cloud.

 STEP 5. Never worry about running out of space on your Android again


With the MyDigipack app installed, every time you take a photo it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. (hint: you can control whether to upload via mobile network + wifi or wifi only)

Get the MyDigipack app for free now and let us know how much space it saves you. Feedback, comments, questions are always welcome.



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